What is digital marketing?

What do you need to know about digital marketing?

Yes. But websites do not need to be complicated or expensive. Think of your website as the reception desk for your business. The simplest websites just need essential information about your business for a potential customer, or a contact point for current customers.

Beyond that, it can play a huge role in marketing your business. Think online sales, customer retention, customer service, sales promotion, product and service information, direct communication and so much more.

All businesses should be online and visible to reach your target market.

There is no black and white answer to this one. It depends on your business and who your target audience is.

The advantages of Facebook, and other social media platforms, is they offer you a direct line of communication to your community – whether that is customers, potential customers, tyre kickers or competitors!

If you want to notify your community of something affecting your business, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are a good way to get the word out in real time.

Your Facebook account is not a replacement for a website, but an extension of it.

Simply put, digital marketing is advertising online, on social media, via email and via text messaging. Digital marketing can be images, words, voice recordings, videos, graphics, anything you can imagine.

Digital marketing is not a stand alone strategy however, and should link in with traditional advertising campaigns such as newspapers, TV and radio.

The beauty of digital advertising is it is relatively inexpensive compared to traditional marketing, and offers a real insight into the target audiences it is reaching.

Content marketing is a much more personalised way of showing your target audience your business.

It is more than just product demonstrations or announcing sales, content marketing is used to give your target audience a glimpse behind your brand.

If you’re a food business, this could mean recipe videos using your products, for other businesses it could be short “how to” videos demonstrating different aspects of your products. Content marketing plays a big role in many different aspects of your digital media success, including that all important SEO.

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimisation – basically where you sit on the Google results page. Lots of things can determine how you move up the search rankings, but the most important factor is a website that is optimised for Google to rank it as high as possible.

Other factors include the quality of content on your website, other activity such as social media content and your links to other businesses and websites.

Google ads allow you to pay or “bid” to appear on the top of the search results page using pre-determined key words selected to appeal to your target customers.

How successful your Google Ads campaign is, can also be related to how well your site is optimised for your target audience and how relevant your keywords are to your target market. 

Social media marketing is paying for ads on a social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and Twitter.

It can take many forms from simply boosting a post from your social media account, to full campaigns with different executions across different platforms, to segmented audiences.

Social media marketing is very targeted, can offer very detailed results and is easy to iterate and adjust to ensure it is optimised for success.

These days, posting something on Facebook or Instagram isn’t enough to get a message across to your followers. A social media marketing strategy is essential if you want to get your brand in front of your target audience using social media.

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Your Digital Footprint

Every marketing strategy begins with an assessment of where your business is at, and what our recommendations are for you moving forward.

Every business has different needs so we tailor every strategy to individually meet your business’ goals.

We can then implement our strategy and hand it over for you to continue on with, or manage it for you long term.

Service Questions

We can do both depending on your budget and business requirements. Small jobs can be done at an hourly rate, larger jobs, or jobs that require ongoing management are charged a flat fee, or monthly retainer.

Yes. If you would like to learn how to manage your digital assets, training is essential. We can provide initial training, and follow up sessions as required. Training can cover updating your website, how to use email marketing services, social media management and other content marketing services.

No. There is no minimum or monthly fees. We do charge an annual maintenance fee for website management and updates.

Technical Questions

Yes. It is very common for small businesses to have an outdated website. We can rebuild it to ensure it is properly optimised for SEO and connects with your social channels and other digital marketing activities where necessary.

Yes, we can provide activity reporting on your website using Google Analytics. We can also provide recommendations on your marketing strategy based on the Google Analytics data.

Main Street Communications does not provide professional services for graphic design, photography, costs associated with event management such as AV, catering, room hire etc. We do have an extensive network of talented professional we use regularly to undertake these services.

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Main Street Communications provides complete marketing support for your business – whether for one off projects, or ongoing campaigns.

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Get your social media channels working harder for you. We provide training, ongoing support, content ideas and strategic advice.


Email is a powerful marketing tool. We can set you up, create templates, capture emails and segment your database.


Need a new website? We provide simple, easy to use website designs for small businesses.


We are a one-stop-shop for all of your small business marketing needs.

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